While the speed of technology innovation may seem daunting, applying tech to help us do business better shouldn’t be complicated. That’s where Kultera comes in. 


Specializing in the unique business environments of the financial services, engineering and telecom industries, we take complex technology problems and make them easy to manage. 

What We Do




Here’s the kicker:

Because we’re small and nimble, we can deliver in a few hours what it takes others weeks to do. 




We provide a targeted

IT solution configuration at

an affordable SaaS price.

You pay us after the system does what we promise it can do.




Other companies give you an

IT proposal leading with the technology bells and whistles. We lead with your business process needs and create the technology solution to deliver on that. 

Bosses Love Smart


Who We Serve


Manage complicated telecommunications industry problems easier than ever before, with new visibility into business processes and easily retrieved, reportable data.


Erase the barriers of the old systems. Manage your fleet of electricians and engineers more efficiently than ever before.

Financial Services

Ditch the spreadsheet.

Execute on-the-spot analytics and automated reporting in a matter of minutes.

Law Enforcement

Enhance your current systems with our hybrid solution or fully migrate to the cloud. Manage your department with spatial intelligence, situational awareness, reporting compliance, data analytics and more!


"The Kultera Applications have been instrumental in assisting us in the management, maintenance, installation and planning of our fiber networks in the New York metro area."

Joe D.   Verizon Planning & Engineer