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Kultera is a great place to work!

We’re a truly diverse team of experts, executing in a fairly “flat” hierarchical structure. Our people are talented, hard-working and wake up every day excited to solve clients’ problems. We’re very appreciative of each other and enjoy celebrating our individual milestones and accomplishments.


  • We love paid holidays, kids’ baseball games and shared food from all cultures. 

  • We believe in treating everyone like adults, not clocking people in and out.

  • We value both your hard work and personal time. Clients need our attention. So do our friends and families. There must be a balance.


These values boil down to creating a “Kultera Family.” Let’s be honest: All of us have to work (that degree in “beach bum” rarely works out), so why not cultivate real relationships with the co-workers you interact with every day? And we take this philosophy seriously. Our CEO even overcame a serious illness to dance at our founder’s daughter’s wedding. We’re in this together, team. 


But don’t just take our word for it:


Listen to our employees!

"Kultera is an organization that embraces a warm, professional and collaborative work environment. I recently joined the Kultera team and have grown both personally and professionally. With the exposure to the extensive knowledge base of my peers, I have increased my proficiency and productivity in business analysis and project management to ensure we as Kultera can fulfill our promise of utmost customer satisfaction. If you are seeking a partner that can provide you with exceptional business intelligence solutions, we are here to assist you from initial business requirements gathering to continuous deployment." 



"The best thing about working for Kultera is the teamwork. From big projects to ad hoc work we all come together as a group to do the best job for our clients. As an employee of Kultera, I’ve always felt continuous support, encouragement and recognition for a job well done."


"I joined Kultera, Inc 6 years ago because I saw a company that was moving in the right direction. I became part of a professional family that offered an individual to take ownership of their success.  Every day the experience with my team and my clients is stimulating.  I am surrounded by a driving force at Kultera that solidifies my decision to build on my career."


We’re a growing company. For more information on current opportunities at Kultera  contact below.

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